Thursday, December 30, 2010


HAPPY HOLIDAYS from the Lemon Tree! We want to stop and thank every amazing customer that has walked through Lemon Tree's door's this past year! We would not be here without every single one of you, and we are so excited for what's to come in 2011!

This being said, we would like to showcase the winner's of Lemon Tree's contests in 2010: Jim Beyer is the most recent with his lovely photo of his Xmas Tree and his daughter Jamie! We loved that all the ornaments were her height or below! We hope you enjoyed your Holiday Gift Basket Jim, and hopefully 'tis the season to share:)

The next was from our Ugly Sweater Contest: Kethy Hebert! Thanks for your bravery in coming into the Lemon Tree with that eyesore of a sweater! We absolutely loved it, and hope you loved your Holiday Gift Basket as well.

We can't forget our Free XMas Tree winner either: Jean-Overstreet Schaefer! There were so many participants in our Xmas Carol Contest, and the winning carol was: Hark! The Herald Angels Sing! So where did the Xmas Tree go Jean: home or store?

Then we have Wendy Carter who won a $20 Lemon Tree Gift Card for being such a great Facebook fan! Thank you Wendy, and we hope you used your gift card to get whatever your heart desired!

Also, we have the Weekend Ribeye Dinner giveaways: Peter Haber knew that Memorial Day is the single largest beef consumption day of the year, and Michelle Lansky: you knew that Venezuela eats the 2nd largest amount of pasta a year! (First being Italy with 61.7 lbs of course) Hope you both enjoyed those Ribeyes!

We can't forget the winners who have previously been mentioned in other blogs either: Kelly Kelly Henrikson won a Thanksgiving Turkey! (Thanks so much for blogging about us Kelly. We hope you win more items, and then you can post another lovely blog). We also hope you enjoyed your favorite: Green Bean Caserole on the Thanksgiving Table this year.

Finally, we have our first winner ever of any Facebook Contest: Joy Ruzic Meyers! Thanks for entering your lovely children in the Halloween Costume Contest. Just for that you received Dinner For Two on Lemon Tree! (Thanks for your kind words on Facebook as well)

Well, Lemon Tree sure did give some great things away this year! Think about this: Everything given away was in the past 3 months!!! Can you imagine what is coming next year? Well, you better stay tuned to find out! (Hint: Lemon Tree will be having a contest for our biggest fans starting in January)

If you weren't a winner then, or even if you were: you always have the chance to WIN a great prize from Lemon Tree in the future!

Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The BEST Things Come in 3's...

Who attended the SOLD OUT event between Dream Interiors, Ballydoyle Irish Pub, and Lemon Tree Grocer? If you did; you know it was a magical snowy evening with these three Downers Grove hot spots aligned together?

First, we had to have Dream Interiors' Marta Cullen give us some tips on how to make your holiday table just a bit more festive (and less of a hassle, as table setting is normally saved until the last minute). What did we learn: well, setting the table early is a great idea, and there are easy ways to brighten up the table with simple decorations, centerpieces, and beautiful candles! Thanks Marta; now everyone in attendance should have the ability to throw a wonderful holiday party (which they must invite us to;)!

Next stop, was to see the Irish side of town at Ballydoyle! Here is where some amazingly great food and beverages started flowing! It was time to hit the buffet, and grab a pint of Guinness or an Irish coffee (whatever your poison of choice is). Just take a look at some of the pictures: it makes our mouth water! Phil Cullen was also an amazing story-teller; explaining where EVERYTHING in the pub came from, and his entire family history! (We're just kidding Phil, now we know how every item on your menu tastes just like Ireland)!

Final destination; for some more liquor, a bit of shopping, and of course dessert, was to the baby of the bunch: Lemon Tree! We welcomed Tony Alvarez back for some live entertainment, and saw that many people were really enjoying themselves as they swayed to the music! (The wine we donated throughout the event may have helped loosen people up a bit..just saying). It was a pleasure to have people shopping around to see what Lemon Tree is really made of. We had samples for guests to try, our lovely staff on hand to answer any questions, and of course: a plethora of wine and beer!

The moral of the blog is: this event was a really great time, and we hope for even more! So, stay tuned! (Also, thank you to everyone who came; there wouldn't have been an event without you all)!

P.S. Make sure you are checking out our and page for all of our contests! You will be sad if you miss them; we are giving away everything from Ribeye's to Holiday Gift Baskets! You could be the lucky Winner!

Don't forget either! We are basically handing out free bottles of wine right now, but only when you check-in to Lemon Tree!

Happy Holidays!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's the MOST Wonderful Time of the Year... the Lemon Tree! Holiday season is here, and we are more ready than Santa and his little reindeer to fulfill your EVERY need! Our decorations are extremely well done and tasteful (you have to come in to see them). Also, there is holiday music playing throughout the store 24/7. (Who doesn't enjoy grocery shopping and dining while getting into the spirit of things)?

The Lemon Tree is the perfect place to shop for all of your holiday dinners/parties. To start you off we have an EXCELLENT selection of great wines and beer! Plus, our wine director Jill would love to help you find the perfect libation for your festivity! Our cheese monger Stephanie can lead you to all of our awesome cheeses. We know Mike can pick you out the perfect cut of meat from the succulent selection we have. We also have homemade sweets that will knock your snowmen socks off (don't lie you still wear them)! Plus, we have fabulous breads to go with our great holiday Intelligentsia coffee. Then, we have pre-made gift baskets such as: chocolate baskets, coffee baskets, beer baskets, pasta baskets, and wine baskets that would make the perfect present for just about anyone!

Great news: since our Turkey menu was such a hit, we are also doing a holiday meal prepared in house as well. Finally...wait for it...almost ready: we are selling 6-8 foot Christmas trees for $25 a piece!! (Can't you just smell that lovely pine scent?) All those reasons really clarify we are basically the perfect holiday food store and more!!

Don't forget our Progressive Dinner, Thursday December 9th!!! Appetizers and a holiday table setting demo at Dream Interiors +Entrees and party workshop at Ballydoyle Irish Pub + dessert and live entertainment at the last stop: The Lemon Tree! (Get your tickets now though because they are going fast)

P.S. We thought maybe a few fun pictures of our last event would entice you to come out to this next one!


Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy TURKEY day!!!

And the winner is: KELLY KELLY HENRIKSON!! Her choice to go with Green Bean Casserole as her favorite dish won the hearts (and "likes") of 21 people! Give a nice round of applause to the new home for a 10 lb Turkey from Lemon Tree! Kelly we are so excited to make your Thanksgiving just a little bit easier this year!

Lemon Tree will not forget, and does want to thank all of our participants: Emily Szopa with Peanut Butter Whoopie Pies drizzled with chocolate!! Can you say a tasty alternative to the lovely Pumpkin Pie.. which was actually entered into the contest by Danny Gray! Hey Danny have you tried the alcoholic whip cream yet? It's pretty yummy if you'd like to know!

Next up, we have Erika Wolgammot. She entered in Cheese and Mushroom Stuffed Burgers!!! Whether you use colby, jack, or blue cheese it's a phenomenal idea Erika that we just might have to steal:)

Then, we have the 2nd person who chose Green Been Casserole as her favorite dish: Deborah Stanciu! This shows it's a definite must have at Thanksgiving this year everyone, so make sure you've got the casserole covered!

Last but not least; Jennifer Spencer Segrest needs to let us feature this dish at the Lemon Tree! Blue Cheesecake on top of mixed greens with apples and walnuts...wait there's more: topped off with a blue cheese drizzle!!! Please, let us know when you are going to come by the store and make it for us Jennifer! We're always here!

Thanks again to all of our Turkey contest participants! Don't forget Lemon Tree is here to make your holidays easier on you! So, take a look at our Gourmet Catering Menu and let us know what we can help you with! Stay tuned for our giveaway in December....and


Friday, November 12, 2010

Fall Festival of Flavors...

Let's begin by....... Thanking Ballydoyle for the hospitality, and plethora of alcohol! Overall good times were had by all last night at the Fall Festival of Flavors! There were just so many great people along with great food, and of course some amazing Irish coffee to be had by all!

We started off the night with Scott Raiman of Ballydoyle to show us his preparation of: Roasted Beet Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette, and Seared Scallops with Roasted Red Pepper Coulis and a micro green salad! I'm not sure about you, but my mouth was watering in wondering when I was going to get to eat those scallops!

Next stop Mr. Tim Canning himself of, yes you guessed it: Lemon Tree! He brought: BBQ Braised Lamb Shank with Lentils and Fall Vegetables to the table. Wow.. was that a succulent lamb! From the sound of things, it was enjoyed by everyone! Thanks Tim!!

Then of course we had a coffee demonstration from our man Marco Torcasio of Intelligentsia coffee! This really gets even better when the
IRISH is added :)

We then bring in one of the favorites of the evening: Lemon Tree's own So Young Shin to make you weak at the knees with his
Warm Apple Crisp with Homeade Vanilla Ice Cream. Pretty sure the guests were telling the person next to them to look the other way, so they could steal the rest of their dessert!

Our final destination:
IRISH COFFEE by Phil Cullen of Ballydoyle! This was definitely a great night cap, or night starter for some of the guests! It seemed to bring warmth and smiles to all the guests!

Between the great food, amazing demonstrations, prizes, and shots of Jameson; this event was really a success! Let me tell you this is only the beginning of events to come from Ballydoyle and Lemon Tree! Stay tuned for when we add Dream Interiors to the list for our Progressive Dinner in December! This one you will NOT want to miss!

Check out these videos from Fall Festival of Flavors:

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Trifecta...

Halloween Costume Contest for Lemon Tree was a success!
The three pictures from top to bottom took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place!

We have a Rockstar and Racecar Driver who took home the prize: Dinner for 2 for their mother JOY RUZIC MYERS!!

The baby caterpillar was definitely hard to beat, and was shy of just 1 vote..Thanks to Kelly Henrikson for sharing this adorable photo with all of us. Awe...

Lastly, we have the Queen of the Nile (who decided that was her name Halloween week in the household)! Thanks to Sarah Carpenter Schmidt for entering Emma her little Cleopatra into the contest, and showing off her lovely costume!

Thanks to all the participants (and their children) who showed off their Halloween costumes. It's always great to see what costumes are popular,inventive, and the great classics that will always be around.

Stay tuned for our 10 lb. Turkey giveaway for your next chance to be a Lemon Tree Winner....Gobble, Gobble!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Note from the Owners:

The first full month of business has been completed and there is much to talk about here at The Lemon Tree. It has been a pleasure for Tim and me to meet so many of the wonderful residents of the community. There are so many great people who have shown such an incredible interest in ensuring the Lemon Tree is a success. We are making a point to try to meet each one of you as you continue to visit the store. Our goal of complete satisfaction will only be met through getting to know your likes and dislikes. As we tell every customer who we talk to, if you don't see one of your favorite products in the store please let us know, and we will do our best to source and carry it in the future. If for some reason you can't catch either Tim or me at the store (which is rare since we pretty much live here) please feel free to fill out a comment card and put it in the suggestion box just inside our front door.

We also think it is important to mention some of the exciting new changes coming to the store in the next few weeks. Many of you have allowed us to be your neighborhood kitchen and frequented our café as well as our outdoor patio. In fact our customers have enjoyed our chef prepared meals so much that we have decided to expand the indoor café allowing us to seat more people. We also have plans to "warm" up the café by moving the freezer, constructing built-in seating, adding window treatments and laying down area rugs. In doing so we hope to continue the dining-in success that has been enjoyed thus far. For all of you who frequent the freezer here at the store, don't be alarmed. A similar case with your favorite frozen items will be conveniently located near the kitchen. Tim and I have always said that we will never be afraid to change anything in the store if we feel we can make improvements for our customers. . Look for other changes coming in the near future. Well give you a hint-think sweet.

As owners of a new business we understand that there is huge challenge facing us. We also realize that consumers are very conscious of where their hard-earned money is spent, especially in these tough economic times. All we can hope for is that you allow us to earn your business through great customer service, outstanding products and a superior value. We look forward to meeting all of your shopping needs at The Lemon Tree soon!

Shaun and Tim

Friday, October 15, 2010

Tonight: we’re cooking for you…

How would it feel to come home from a long hard day of work, and have someone cook for you? I’m sure the reaction is anywhere from great to amazing. Yet, that can usually cost a pretty penny depending on where you decide to dine at (monetary or physically)

Lemon Tree decided: we definitely don’t feel comfortable taking money you need to spend on gas to get to work the next day. Nor, do we want you to drive out of another restaurant looking for the nearest drugstore to pick up some antacid!!

Therefore, we’ve facilitated an inexpensive way for our neighbors to try out some delectable cuisines for next to nothing (and even pair them with a succulent wine for just a few more $$’s).

Long story short; you need to come in on a Tuesday night so we can have the pleasure of cooking for you. Whether you want one course, all three, or just dessert; you must come in, take a load off, and meet your neighbors.

So it’s a deal then? We’ll see you next Tuesday? The Neighborhood Menu will be posted via our FB, Twitter, and website every Tuesday morning! Below is a copy of our latest menu and the proper links to get you more familiar with Lemon Tree.

See you next week!

P.S. If you have already experienced our Neighborhood Menu; please be kind enough to let us know what you think!

This Weeks Neighborhood Menu

Starters - select one of the following:

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup w/ honshemiji mushrooms, sage oil Jumbo Lump Crab Cake, sauce Gribiche, fried capers, arugula
Main Course - select one of the following:

Duck Confit Papperdelli, melted onions, parm reggianno, thyme Morroccan Lamb Steak, sweet and sour eggplant, cous cous pearls, Veal jus, Greek yogurt, toasted almonds, and cilantro


SoYoung's Famous Apple Pound Cake

You can also add our wine pairing for $10 more per person!




Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Recipe contest was a huge success last weekend! Find out who won!

Congratulations to all of the participants of the Lemon Tree Grocer Recipe Contest!   All of the dishes were absolutely delicious – You made it very difficult to choose the winners from each category.  We enjoyed getting to know each of you and can’t wait to see you in the store on opening day or before!


A special thank you to Dream Interiors for hosting our event and to all of the supportive guests.  We’re guessing some of the winning dishes may not have been entered without you. 


Please visit our facebook page to comment on the event, see pictures, and share your thoughts about the store.





Becky Rheintgen - Crispy Pancetta, Pear & Goat Cheese Sandwich


Soup Category: 

#1 Winner/Chandra Venkat - Lemon Soup

#2 Denise Everson - Breath of Cream of Asparagus Soup

#3 Rhoda Pawlak - Anything Soup


Sandwich Category:

#1 Winner/ Elizabeth Walp - Salmon Sandwich

#2 Jan Valdez - Grilled Ham, Brie and Mango Chutney

#3 Becky Rheintgen - Crispy Pancetta, Pear & Goat Cheese Sandwich


Salad Category:

#1 Winner/Margie Cleveland - Gorgonzola, Roasted Pecan and Mixed Green Salad

#2  Becky Rheintgen - Creamy Celeriac, Fennel and Apple Salad

#3 Kathy Jensen - Red Leaf, Spinach and Kohlrabi Salad



#1 Winner/Anne Reilly - Lemon Cake with Lemon Frosting

#2 Karen Arnold - Luscious Lemon Cake Balls

#3 Stacey O’Brien - Lemon Petite Pies

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Let the Building Begin!

The Lemon Tree Grocer commenced building  early last week.   We are on schedule for a sixty day build-out.   The spiral duct work is in place and the walls are going up.  We can't wait to see it all come together!  




Check out this article about the Lemon Tree Grocer!  

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Lemon Tree Grocer has building Permits!!

The Lemon Tree Grocer is proud to say that we have been granted our official building permits today!  A huge relief... Shaun and I have spent countless hours working with our architects, design team, equipment guys, village staff, and the DuPage County Health Department getting the Lemon Tree's plans all squared away.  A special thanks to everyone involved!  Now it is time to get our store built.  We look forward to opening our doors to all of you soon.  

Cheers!- LTG

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Downer Grove residents please come show your support for the Lemon Tree at tonight's Zoning Board of Appeals Hearing.  

The Lemon Tree is trying to gain approval from the Village for it's sign package.  The Lemon Tree is also asking for the use of copy on our awning valance.  
We want people to easily identify what the Lemon Tree has to offer.

Please come show your support at Village Hall.  Hearing begins at 7:30 pm tonight. Please come show your support and voice your opinion. 

Thanks,  LTG

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Shaun and Tim your hosts at the Lemon Tree live on talk radio this Thursday at 11:30 a.m. TUNE IN!

jon signature logo

This Week: Viral Marketing, Concept Grocers & Fantastic Coffees!  Click Here To Listen Live, Call In and Enjoy!


Finesse Cuisine continues to prove an industry thought leader and Chicagoland’s most exciting option for off premise dining and special events www.finessecuisine.comThe Finesse Cuisine Hour, produced by Sohobiztube, is one of Blog Talk Radio’s most popular shows. Our programming may be heard live each Thursday morning from 11:00am until Noon CST. The Finesse Cuisine Hour explores entrepreneurship surrounding the arts, entertainment, food, wine and more. Each cast features noted guests from the corporate, entertainment and luxury sectors. Tune In, Call In and Enjoy!


This Thursday, February 25, The Finesse Cuisine Hour Featured:

~Ola Ayeni, Social media and viral marketing expert of Mobile Dialog

~Tim Canning and Shaun Black, Entrepreneurs and founders of hot new concept Lemon Tree Grocers

~Carol Harris, Founder of award winning Casteel Coffee on their grand opening at Aqua  

~Seasonal menu preparations taken to delicious heights in the Finesse Cuisine kitchens with Chef Guy Meikle

Click Here to listen live or to download and enjoy at a later time!


Recent Casts of TFH Include:


February 18, The Finesse Cuisine Hour Presented:

~Terrilee Ryan, Career coach and author of hit book Life Is One Big To Do List- A Woman’s Life After Forty

~Dave McLaughlin, Entrepreneur and founder of award winning coffee concept Safari Cup Coffee

Click Here to listen and enjoy!


February 4, The Finesse Cuisine Hour Presented:

~Rich Horwath, Founder of The Strategic Thinking Institute, best selling author of Deep Dive: The Proven Method for Building Strategy

Click Here to listen and enjoy!


January 28, The Finesse Cuisine Hour Presented:

~Bridget Brennan, Marketing expert from The Female Factor Corp and best selling author of ‘Why She Buys’

~Greg Fishman, Internationally renowned jazz saxophonist, teacher and recording artist of Two For Brazil

Click Here to listen and enjoy!


January 21, The Finesse Cuisine Hour Presented:

~Dr. Daniel McCole, Leisure industry expertProfessor of Tourism and Recreation at Michigan State University

~Nadine Warner, Noted creative director, former dramaturge; Steppenwolf Theatre, founder of The Bricolage Group,

Click Here to listen and enjoy!


January 14, The Finesse Cuisine Hour Presented:

~Stuart Rosenberg, Entrepreneur, musical impresario and radio personality extraordinaire!

~Stephen Hamilton, Award winning food photographer of Stephen Hamilton Photography

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January 7, The Finesse Cuisine Hour Presented:

~Rand Richards Cooper, Author of The Last To Go and Big As Life and award winning travel correspondent of Bon Appétit

~Mathew Mandeltort, Noted restaurant researcher and food trend expert of Technomic Inc.

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December 10, The Finesse Cuisine Hour Presented:

~Paul Virant, Award winning Chef/Owner of Vie Restaurant and star of television’s Top Chef

~Event Designers of Finesse Cuisine on the magic of December planning

 Click here to listen and enjoy!


December 3, The Finesse Cuisine Hour Presented:

~Tony Fitzpatrick, Internationally renowned contemporary American artist, poet and playwright of The Wonder and Gallery No. 9

~Margarita Vern, Hospitality expert, Service Director of Finesse Cuisine

~Seasonal menu preparations taken to delicious heights in the Finesse Cuisine kitchens with Chef Guy Meikle

Click Here to listen and enjoy!


October 15, The Finesse Cuisine Hour Presented:

~Mark Phillips, host of the popular PBS-TV’s, “Enjoying Wine with Mark Phillips,” designer of the Finesse wine program

~Daniel Graeff, Entrepreneur and co-founder of award winning gourmet foods sensation, Lucini Italia Company

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October 8, The Finesse Cuisine Hour Presented:

~Caitlin Steininger and Kelly Trush, Entrepreneurs, hosts of Cincy’s popular radio hit The Cooking With Caitlin Show

~Jerald O’Kennard, Spirits expert, Chicago Tribune columnist and Executive Director of Beverage Testing Institute

Click Here to listen live or to download and enjoy at a later time!


October 1, The Finesse Cuisine Hour Presented:

~Dr. Chris Roberts, Hospitality expert, author, lecturer and Director of DePaul University’s School of Hospitality Leadership

~Jody Birnbaum, Noted events and restaurant management consultant, writer and President of JB Cater Consult Inc.

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September 17, The Finesse Cuisine Hour Presented:

~Ellen S. Rogan, Financial expert and author of the popular book Great with Money: The Women’s Guide to Prosperity

~Steve Hater, Entrepreneur, CEO of Hater Enterprises, LLC, Membership Director, University of Cincinnati’s Goering Center

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September 10, The Finesse Cuisine Hour Presented:

~Ron Hawking, Celebrated entertainer, vocal stylist, star of mega hit ‘The Men and Their Music’

~Joe Lucchese, Event producer extraordinaire, producer of U2 European Tour, founder of Event Joe.

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July 30, The Finesse Cuisine Hour Presented;

~John Regas, World renowned interior designer of J.P. Regas & Associates

~Lee Simons Zoldan, Business communications expert and founder of The Simons Group

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July 2, The Finesse Cuisine Hour Presented;

~Ambassador Carol Mosley Braun discusses life after politics and her Ambassador Organics brand coffees and teas

~Attorney, Peter Burdi, on partnering with restaurant icon, Jerry Kleiner on a new Hinsdale concept Il Poggiolo

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June 4, The Finesse Cuisine Hour Presented;

~Bill Durkin, Internationally renowned speaker, consultant and coach of The Synergies Company, Inc

~Mary Kay Plantes, Ph.D. Economist from MIT, corporate strategist, author of popular Beyond Price.

Click Here  to listen and enjoy!


April 30, The Finesse Cuisine Hour Presented;

~Brook Jay, Award winning experiential marketing expert, co founder of All Terrain Inc.

~Terry Weaver, Noted business advisor and CEO of Chief Executive Boards International

Click here to listen and enjoy!


March 12, The Finesse Cuisine Hour Presented; 
~Pam Danziger, Luxury marketing expert, best selling author of books; Let Them Eat Cake:  Marketing Luxury to the Masses ¾  as well as the Classes and Why People Buy Things They Don’t Need

~Stuart Rosenberg, Entrepreneur, musical treasure and radio personality

The Finesse Cuisine Hour  

Previous Guests of The Finesse Cuisine Hour; 
~Lidia Bastianich, James Beard Foundation Award winning Chef, Entrepreneur, Television Star of Lidia’s Kitchen and Felidia

~Jerry Kleiner, Restaurant Impresario, Creator of such hot spots Red Light, Marche, Opera, Carnivale, Room 21 and more
~Phil Vettel, food critic, Chicago Tribune Food Critic

~Rand Richards Cooper, Author and James Beard Foundation Award winning travel and food writer
~Steve Dolinsky, James Beard Foundation Award winning food journalist, host of ABC-TV’s The Hungry Hound

~Jim Lasko, founder of Chicago’s heralded Redmoon Theatre
~Michael Roberts, Vice Chair of Chicago 2016 Olympic Bid Committee, former World President/COO of McDonalds Corporation
~Jim Peterik, Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter, founder of bands Survivor and Ides of March, writer of mega hits such as Eye of the Tiger 
~Steven Hull, Hollywood composer, musician, artist and for eighteen years, the Music Supervisor of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
~Francois Kwaku Dongo, award winning Chef of L’escale RestaurantOmanhene Chocolates, former Chef/Partner of Wolfgang Puck’s Spago
~Howard Tullman, Entrepreneurial expert, innovator, Chairman of Chicago’s Flashpoint Academy. 
~Gary Vaynerchuck, Television wine personality (Oprah, Ellen and Conan) and host of The Wine Library
~Robert Brooks, former Federal Prosecutor opens Connecticut’s heralded Silver River Café and wins 4 stars from the New York Times
~Raman Chadha, Executive Director of DePaul University’s Coleman Center for Entrepreneurship


To Download Previous Casts, Please Click Here  Or To ‘News’ section

Finesse Cuisine late winter/early spring events range from the ultra classic to the casual. We look forward to hosting an event with you this season.


Jon Wool
Finesse Cuisine 
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Chicago, IL 60622

"...Finesse Cuisine has recently catered some of the most high-profile events in town, from the Renaissance Society gala to the Redmoon Theatre's Spectacle Lunatique.' Word of the company's inventive food presentation is spreading fast...." CHICAGO SOCIAL
"...Finesse Cuisine- This company brings together an all star lineup of culinary Ivy Leaguers from Le Francais, Carlos', Trio, Blackbird, and The French Laundry. Finesse Cuisine creates French, Asian, Mediterranean or American fare and satisfies each client's notion of the perfect event..."  CHICAGO MAGAZINE
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Monday, February 22, 2010

The Lemon Tree Grocer Blog is up and running! Welcome!

Welcome to the Lemon Tree Grocer's Blog!  We are hard at work trying to bring Downtown Downers Grove the market that it deserves.  
We want to hear from you!  What do you expect from your neighborhood market??  Please share your suggestions.  We are here for you.