Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Note from the Owners:

The first full month of business has been completed and there is much to talk about here at The Lemon Tree. It has been a pleasure for Tim and me to meet so many of the wonderful residents of the community. There are so many great people who have shown such an incredible interest in ensuring the Lemon Tree is a success. We are making a point to try to meet each one of you as you continue to visit the store. Our goal of complete satisfaction will only be met through getting to know your likes and dislikes. As we tell every customer who we talk to, if you don't see one of your favorite products in the store please let us know, and we will do our best to source and carry it in the future. If for some reason you can't catch either Tim or me at the store (which is rare since we pretty much live here) please feel free to fill out a comment card and put it in the suggestion box just inside our front door.

We also think it is important to mention some of the exciting new changes coming to the store in the next few weeks. Many of you have allowed us to be your neighborhood kitchen and frequented our café as well as our outdoor patio. In fact our customers have enjoyed our chef prepared meals so much that we have decided to expand the indoor café allowing us to seat more people. We also have plans to "warm" up the café by moving the freezer, constructing built-in seating, adding window treatments and laying down area rugs. In doing so we hope to continue the dining-in success that has been enjoyed thus far. For all of you who frequent the freezer here at the store, don't be alarmed. A similar case with your favorite frozen items will be conveniently located near the kitchen. Tim and I have always said that we will never be afraid to change anything in the store if we feel we can make improvements for our customers. . Look for other changes coming in the near future. Well give you a hint-think sweet.

As owners of a new business we understand that there is huge challenge facing us. We also realize that consumers are very conscious of where their hard-earned money is spent, especially in these tough economic times. All we can hope for is that you allow us to earn your business through great customer service, outstanding products and a superior value. We look forward to meeting all of your shopping needs at The Lemon Tree soon!

Shaun and Tim

Friday, October 15, 2010

Tonight: we’re cooking for you…

How would it feel to come home from a long hard day of work, and have someone cook for you? I’m sure the reaction is anywhere from great to amazing. Yet, that can usually cost a pretty penny depending on where you decide to dine at (monetary or physically)

Lemon Tree decided: we definitely don’t feel comfortable taking money you need to spend on gas to get to work the next day. Nor, do we want you to drive out of another restaurant looking for the nearest drugstore to pick up some antacid!!

Therefore, we’ve facilitated an inexpensive way for our neighbors to try out some delectable cuisines for next to nothing (and even pair them with a succulent wine for just a few more $$’s).

Long story short; you need to come in on a Tuesday night so we can have the pleasure of cooking for you. Whether you want one course, all three, or just dessert; you must come in, take a load off, and meet your neighbors.

So it’s a deal then? We’ll see you next Tuesday? The Neighborhood Menu will be posted via our FB, Twitter, and website every Tuesday morning! Below is a copy of our latest menu and the proper links to get you more familiar with Lemon Tree.

See you next week!

P.S. If you have already experienced our Neighborhood Menu; please be kind enough to let us know what you think!

This Weeks Neighborhood Menu

Starters - select one of the following:

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup w/ honshemiji mushrooms, sage oil Jumbo Lump Crab Cake, sauce Gribiche, fried capers, arugula
Main Course - select one of the following:

Duck Confit Papperdelli, melted onions, parm reggianno, thyme Morroccan Lamb Steak, sweet and sour eggplant, cous cous pearls, Veal jus, Greek yogurt, toasted almonds, and cilantro


SoYoung's Famous Apple Pound Cake

You can also add our wine pairing for $10 more per person!