Friday, June 24, 2011

Lemon Tree Grocer is proud to be part of GroveFest 2011!

GroveFest is here-will you be? Lemon Tree Grocer is super excited to take part in it this year, and we have so much to offer you; so please stop by and say hi!

We have Yuriy handing out some nice and tasty Boars Head beef franks along with sandwiches and more from our deli cart. If you're looking for a nice deli experience; stop by and say hello to Yuriy as he will feed the need.

Then we have Tim and Mike handing out some more of Lemon Tree Grocer's meat samples! If you taste something you like (rest assured we know you will); head on into Lemon Tree to purchase your meats galore!

Finally, we are having some really exciting tastings, and Brittany has made sure to get some amazing local products in just for you! Katherine Anne Confections Caramels, Ivy Upper Crust Granola Bars, Lark Cookies, Next Organic Chocolate Covered Fruits, and Jeni's Ice Cream.

So, as you see we have a lot going on this weekend at the Lemon Tree Grocer! After you get off the rides, work up an appetite from all that walking, or if you just want to say hello- we'll be here!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy Father's Day from Lemon Tree Grocer!

Not sure about you, yet Father's Day is always a great holiday! Dads just want to grill, chill, and drink some brew (yeah sorry we couldn't keep up the rhyme) So, if you haven't set your grills in stone yet, then get over to Lemon Tree Grocer for our Father's Day Cookout!

Lemon Tree Grocer has an entire schedule filled with a bit of grilling education from Owner Tim Canning himself, a dunk tank to shut the trap of loud parents and children;), and best of all (think about those Monday night burgers that you all love so much) Niman Ranch will be not only supplying the grilled products...wait for it...Steve Heun the Niman Ranch Hog Farmer will be here to educate us as well!

This costs everyone a whopping nada, no reservations, and you get 10% off your spirits for the rest of the month!! (Who can argue with that) Aw yeah!

Last but not least, if you didn't have a moment (or you just plain forgot- we won't tell) to pick up a gift for pops; Lemon Tree Grocer has some great gift ideas you can sneak in and pick up while Dad is learning about open flame cooking!

Let's do this people; Sunday, Lemon Tree Grocer/Zest, starts at 10:15am, and don't forget: Happy Father's Day!!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Are you in the know at Lemon Tree Grocer?

Who is happy that summer is here? Don't you like when it's 90 degrees then 50? Let's put it this way: It wouldn't be the Midwest without it!

Lemon Tree Grocer has sooo much going on this summer; that you won't want to miss out! If you check the June Newsletter it will keep you up-to-date, and don't forget our Facebook and Twitter Pages will always let you know the latest and greatest about everything!

The Produce Sale we are having right now at Lemon Tree is pretty amazing we'd like to think, and we know we keep teasing you with our scrumptious & delicious freshly baked pastries!

The point is; if you want to be in the know- you must be a fan or follower of the Lemon Tree Grocer pages! It is the only way you will get in on our contests, giveways, and last minute surprises!

Thanks for all the fans & followers out there for supporting Lemon Tree Grocer! We'll say it a million times: we wouldn't be the establishment we are without every one of you! (Now take a look at some of these yummy pics)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Would You Like Some Extra Money to Spend at Lemon Tree?

So, we're really excited for every single one of our fans, and we want to thank you for all the support you have given Lemon Tree since we've opened. You are the reason why Lemon Tree was chosen by the Downers Grove Junior Women's Club as the Local Business of the Year!!!!

How does winning some extra cash for Lemon Tree Grocer sound as a thank you? We thought you'd like that, so here's the deal: we really would like to reach 2500 Facebook Fans, and we'd appreciate your help;)

All we're asking is that you share Lemon Tree with your local friends, family, neighbors, etc that aren't already fans of the Lemon Tree Grocer Facebook Page! This way they can be as informed as you are about contests, tastings, special events, giveaways, and more! We know our fans like to share, and so do we! So, lets continue to make Downers Grove the place to be!

We want to thank everyone in advance, and can't wait to give out some extra Lemon Tree cash to help you purchase whatever your heart desires!

P.S. We hope you like some of the pictures from our "Swine, Wine, and Hops Dinner" with Ari Weinzweig!