Thursday, May 19, 2011

"Swine, Wine, & Hops" with Best Selling Author, Ari Weinzweig

If you haven't heard yet, or can't tell by the Blog title: Ari Weinzweig of the famous Zingerman's of Ann Arbor, Michigan will be entering the Downers Grove area next Tuesday, May 24th for the awaited "Swine, Wine, & Hops" Event! He'll be at Lemon Tree Grocer/Zest allowing you to dine on 5-course bacon inspired meal comprised of recipes featured in Ari’s acclaimed “Zingerman's Guide to Better Bacon” and creations by Head Chef and Restaurateur Tim Canning.

What more can you ask for from this James Beard Award winning man? He's going to sign autographs, let us pick his brain, and more importantly- we get to eat BACON!

If you hurry- you can still get tickets to this exquisite event for only $42 and the optional beer pairing for just $18! The information is all right here at "Bacon Lovers Unite"

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so you better get on the Zingerman bus, or you just might regret that you missed "Swine, Wine, & Hops" To get your tickets before they're all gone; please, make sure you call 630.969.9869 ASAP & talk to anyone at Zest!

Gotta run; time to prepare for Baconmania!

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