Thursday, May 5, 2011

Win Mother's Day Brunch at Zest...

Who believes their mother, sister, wife, aunt, girlfriend, grandma, (whatever she is to you as long as she's a mom) deserves some extra attention and pampering this Mother's Day?

We at Zest certainly do; which is why we're giving away BRUNCH FOR TWO! The contest is really simple, yet you only have until tomorrow to get your entry in. Write a post on our Lemon Tree Grocer Facebook wall of why you think your mother deserves to Win. It can be anything your little heart desires, and the winner will be chosen by our fans with the most "likes"

So, if you can't think of exactly what you should give to your mother this Mother's Day; at least give her a compliment on our wall. Then, you may even come out with the Grand Prize! If not, at least you took the time to write how amazing your mother is for all of Lemon Tree's fans to see!

We can't forget......Happy Mother's Day!

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