Friday, May 27, 2011

Memorial Day Goodies at Lemon Tree Grocer!

What are your plans for this Memorial Day weekend? Let's hope that this summer weather finally shines through and we can do all the fun outdoorsy activities we've been planning for the past month ;p

Whether you're heading to a friend's cabin, throwing a big bbq, sitting out by the pool, or just having a social gathering with some friends: you're going to need tasty food & beverages! What better place than Lemon Tree Grocer to fulfill these needs?

Make sure you stop by the deli and see Yuriy for the amazing deals we have on Boars Head meat, and you can even ask for your favorite sandwich prepared right then and there! Plus, we have super sales on grocery items (only this weekend) that Brittney would love to direct you to.

If you're doing any kind of barbecuing- you must see Meat Mike for the best meat in town to slap on that grill, and then you should definitely feed the sweet tooth by picking up some pastries from Anne (we know those pictures have you drooling).

Finally, who can have a fiesta without the booze? Don't forget to see Ryan if beer is on the brain, and Melissa if you want to stick your pinky in the air while swirling some tasteful wine around those gums!

If this sounds like too much for you- just cater the darn thing! Let Stephanie know you want us to do all the work while you sit back and relax.

See; we have unlimited options for you to enjoy that extra day of fun...See you this weekend!

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