Thursday, April 28, 2011

What Shakes your Lemon Tree?

This blog is dedicated to the reason why Lemon Tree Grocer exists: Our neighbors, fans, guests, Zest lovers..whatever you'd like to call your selves. We want to reach out to you all, and see what Lemon Tree is doing right, wrong, what we can do better, and most of all: what you want more Linkof!

We feel that it's always necessary for us to adapt to your wants and needs for us to grow as a business! For this, we need your help.

Do you want more tastings, and LIVE music? Maybe you're excited about our Beer Geek Tuesday, or the great selection of mustard we have? Also, what if you don't prefer salmon, and you want more sushi rolls made with tuna; or out of the bajillion types of cheese we still don't carry your personal favorite.

Here at Lemon Tree, we want to make sure your needs are well taken care of. So, if we can go that extra mile to put a smile on your face, and hopefully some amazing food, drinks, and produce in your bellies: we've done our job!

So, feel free to comment below, write on our Facebook wall, Tweet us, or you can always just come in the store to tell us as well. ( This way while you're here we'll fill you with wine, beer, food, and more so you'll forget the entire reason you came in ;)

As always, thanks for all your wonderful support fans! Lemon Tree Grocer only works because everyone of you help facilitate that!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Huge Produce Sale at Lemon Tree Grocer Now!

So, normally we blog about things that are really exciting like beer, live music, or strange fish! We give you Lemon Tree Grocer's most boring blog post yet: Huge Produce Sale that starts today and goes until April 24th.

The reason we just had to write about our Huge Produce Sale (like that advertisement we snuck in there;) is because it's kind-of a big deal right now. Plus, we always want to make sure our neighbors are saving as much money as you can!

So, just pay attention for the next 10 seconds while we tell you what fabulous deals we have going on right now at Lemon Tree Grocer, and then I promise you are dismissed. Plus, you probably will even want to come by and take part in this Huge Produce Sale!

Lemon Tree Grocer has asparagus, watermelon, cantaloupe, celery, green onions, tomatoes, and pineapple! Tell me you're not excited about any of those, and you would be a big liar!

Thanks for your attention to this matter, and we hope to see your fresh face soon with some produce in your baskets ;)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fish at the Lemon Tree Grocer...or, Have You Ever Tried Escolar?

This next blog is taken from Chuck and Karen Keenley's gracious email they sent to us. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this; it truly means a lot not only to the people mentioned, yet the entire Lemon Tree staff.

Shoppers: next time you are in the store, go back to the meat/fish counter and ask for "escolar". Proving I am no know-it-all, the first time I heard the word I thought Mike and John, the 2 resident butchers, were mistaken...they must mean "escarole", a form of lettuce I do know something about having worked in a produce department about a 100 years ago.

No, they assured me, not "escarole" but "escolar", a variety of fish caught in the Pacific near Hawaii. Mike, who has been "right on" with his recommendations, told me to keep it simple (he graciously omitted the last word of that saying)- coat it with olive oil and grill it for 10 minutes. Hmm...I don't think I can mess that up!

Forward to 5:30 Saturday afternoon. I am sitting on my patio for the 1st time in who-knows-how-long, downing a couple of my favorite micro-brews, enjoying Karen's inspiration, collard greens with bacon, onion and a dash of vinegar, and savoring this wonderful fish that is moist and has a buttery flavor!

What to try next- it is a tossup between the marlin, the mahi mahi, and the escarole! We are not big meat eaters, but I can only imagine how good the steaks and chops are!

Shaun and Tim- thanks for bringing such great quality to Downers Grove!

Chuck and Karen Keenley

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Win Easter Brunch for Two at Zest....

You know you want it..Easter Brunch at Zest where you can feast on French Toast, omelets that make your mouth water, mimosas which will make you smile, and more..

There's just one simple task we ask of you to be the winner of Easter Brunch for Two at Zest...Since Easter is all about the Easter Bunny, and we love to paint eggs all different sorts of crazy pastel colors: let's do a contest based on the those bright colored little suckers.

We want you to post on Lemon Tree Grocer's fan page wall: the best egg dish you have ever eaten! You can post a picture, recipe, or even a video of making your egg based dish. Whatever your heart desires!

The winner of Easter Brunch for Two at Zest will have the most "likes" by the picture, video, or recipe at the end of the contest! (We will prepare you for this, so you can get any last minute votes in) Make sure to tell your friends, frienemies, enemies, cousins, uncles; whomever they need to like your entry!

So, hurry up and get to it. What's the best, yummiest, most scrumptious way you've ever eaten eggs? It could just win you some free eggs at brunch!