Thursday, April 28, 2011

What Shakes your Lemon Tree?

This blog is dedicated to the reason why Lemon Tree Grocer exists: Our neighbors, fans, guests, Zest lovers..whatever you'd like to call your selves. We want to reach out to you all, and see what Lemon Tree is doing right, wrong, what we can do better, and most of all: what you want more Linkof!

We feel that it's always necessary for us to adapt to your wants and needs for us to grow as a business! For this, we need your help.

Do you want more tastings, and LIVE music? Maybe you're excited about our Beer Geek Tuesday, or the great selection of mustard we have? Also, what if you don't prefer salmon, and you want more sushi rolls made with tuna; or out of the bajillion types of cheese we still don't carry your personal favorite.

Here at Lemon Tree, we want to make sure your needs are well taken care of. So, if we can go that extra mile to put a smile on your face, and hopefully some amazing food, drinks, and produce in your bellies: we've done our job!

So, feel free to comment below, write on our Facebook wall, Tweet us, or you can always just come in the store to tell us as well. ( This way while you're here we'll fill you with wine, beer, food, and more so you'll forget the entire reason you came in ;)

As always, thanks for all your wonderful support fans! Lemon Tree Grocer only works because everyone of you help facilitate that!

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