Thursday, December 16, 2010

The BEST Things Come in 3's...

Who attended the SOLD OUT event between Dream Interiors, Ballydoyle Irish Pub, and Lemon Tree Grocer? If you did; you know it was a magical snowy evening with these three Downers Grove hot spots aligned together?

First, we had to have Dream Interiors' Marta Cullen give us some tips on how to make your holiday table just a bit more festive (and less of a hassle, as table setting is normally saved until the last minute). What did we learn: well, setting the table early is a great idea, and there are easy ways to brighten up the table with simple decorations, centerpieces, and beautiful candles! Thanks Marta; now everyone in attendance should have the ability to throw a wonderful holiday party (which they must invite us to;)!

Next stop, was to see the Irish side of town at Ballydoyle! Here is where some amazingly great food and beverages started flowing! It was time to hit the buffet, and grab a pint of Guinness or an Irish coffee (whatever your poison of choice is). Just take a look at some of the pictures: it makes our mouth water! Phil Cullen was also an amazing story-teller; explaining where EVERYTHING in the pub came from, and his entire family history! (We're just kidding Phil, now we know how every item on your menu tastes just like Ireland)!

Final destination; for some more liquor, a bit of shopping, and of course dessert, was to the baby of the bunch: Lemon Tree! We welcomed Tony Alvarez back for some live entertainment, and saw that many people were really enjoying themselves as they swayed to the music! (The wine we donated throughout the event may have helped loosen people up a bit..just saying). It was a pleasure to have people shopping around to see what Lemon Tree is really made of. We had samples for guests to try, our lovely staff on hand to answer any questions, and of course: a plethora of wine and beer!

The moral of the blog is: this event was a really great time, and we hope for even more! So, stay tuned! (Also, thank you to everyone who came; there wouldn't have been an event without you all)!

P.S. Make sure you are checking out our and page for all of our contests! You will be sad if you miss them; we are giving away everything from Ribeye's to Holiday Gift Baskets! You could be the lucky Winner!

Don't forget either! We are basically handing out free bottles of wine right now, but only when you check-in to Lemon Tree!

Happy Holidays!!

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  1. Interesting to see how this event went. What events are coming up in the future so I can plan to make one?