Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This Week's Meat Treat...

Meat Molly has a mouth watering special that you better take advantage of right now! After all, what can make you feel better than a succulent little piggy that falls off the bone after being cooked on fiery hot grill? (Yeah I didn't think you had an answer for that)

Ok, so I know its winter. Football season looks a little too yellow for my palate. The temperature hovers between -10 and +10, too cold for most grill enthusiasts. Boo hoo, boo hoo. So I started thinking… What can cheer me up?

All of a sudden, images popped into my brain. I saw juicy ribs roasting over an open fire, the flame hissing as heated fat hit the bright red coals… I saw pork. Baby back ribs. The Best! You don’t have to brave frigid temps to enjoy baby backs this time of year; and talk about a great way to get you thinking about summer.

What started all these porky dreams was a chance encounter with a slab of Niman Ranch ribs I had the other day. Joe Lessard, our fabulous chef here at Lemon Tree, asked me what I had for him to put on special that night. I had recently received some baby backs from a distributor, even though I was hesitant to buy them (it is winter after all). I told Joe about them and his eyes lit up. An hour and a half later I was shaking, literally shaking meat from the ribs!

This struck me as a bit odd. Usually when I cook ribs, it takes at least a few hours before I’m getting messy with some falling-off-the-bone goodness. After picking Joe’s brain for his secret, I found out there wasn’t any secret. These ribs are just that good. He braised them at low heat for an hour and a half and shazam! Perfection!

I’m running these Niman Ranch Baby Back Ribs on special (6.29/lb) for another week just so everyone can take advantage of the low price. Plus, these ribs are the perfect diversion from the winter blues. Trust me. Come summer, it’s going to cost you to take these babies home.

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