Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine's Day Special...

Who's ready for Valentine's Day this year? If you haven't a clue, and you have someone special in your life: you better get on it! If you answered yes to having the perfect Valentine's Day planned- do tell: heart-shaped chocolates (old news), cute Teddy Bears (maybe for your infant), or even a heart-shaped balloon? (I think I just gagged a bit)

Valentine's Day is all about what you make of it; so be creative. Now, what's more inventive than some heart-shaped meat? Not just any meat: Lamb Loin Chops!!! Not from just any grocer either: Lemon Tree baby. Oh, and how can I even forget that it's not just any meatress that will prepare you and your snookums for a day filled with juicy meat, and some even juicier...well you fill in the blanks there: MEAT MOLLY ya'll!

So, if you want to really WOW you're sweetie: get off your tush, and do something that takes a little thought, and of course- a lot of HEART;)

Here's Molly....Love is in the air (for some of us at least). I’ll try to keep my Valentine’s Day bitterness at bay. For those of you who are feeling the love this weekend- I have good news. I rustled up a sweet deal on some lamb loin chops for your sweetheart meal. Normally these lil lovelies go for around $14.99 lb. here at Lemon Tree. I’m chopping off a few bucks to help you out with your Valentine’s gift purchases. I’ll have them on sale at $11.99 lb. This gives you a few more dollars to spend on that diamond you’ve been eying for your snookie! (not the one on Jersey Shore of course)

Lamb loin chops are super easy to prepare. I made it for a date too with huge success! Hey, I’m the Meatress, I’m here to help so, here’s a link to a recipe I tried and loved:

So, here's where I get corny- The shapes of the chops lend themselves well to looking like a heart shape, if you place them with the fat sides facing the outside. Since Valentine's Day is all about being a romantic cheese ball; this should help in accomplishing this goal. Feel free to use these tactics, yet remember where you learned them- and please let me know how the night turned out (at least the part about the lamb chops: the rest you can keep to yourself because you shouldn't kiss & tell)

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