Friday, February 18, 2011

Ode to Lemon Tree Fans..

Who loved the Chicago blizzard we literally had 2 weeks ago? Maybe you had a day off work to drink a few 10 beers, made an amazing snowman (whom is now a puddle), or had fun shoveling out your parking space (which you decorated with your child-hood rocking chair in order to claim your spot) Then, how cold was it last week...20 below zero? So why am I wearing ONLY a long-sleeved shirt out today? huh...Oh we live in the Midwest I forgot;) Well, let's hope this sunshine is here to stay, and that nobody pissed the groundhog off enough to lie to our loving faces!

You all know what this means for Lemon Tree: closer to opening the patio up! Yes! Also, we have our newly opened cafe that everyone must experience. So, everyone wants to know when the winning name will be chosen: March 12th! You think it's going to be you who is $300 richer in Lemon Tree cash? Well, you will just have to wait until March 12th to find out!

This is a just the start to a great spring/summer/fall for Lemon Tree! You have all done a great job coming out of hibernation and supporting us all winter, and we truly do appreciate it. We'll continue to say it: we wouldn't be here without each an every one of you! We're lucky to have such a great town that continues to support us! Thank you Downers Grove!

Please, continue to share your opinions with us in the store, through Facebook, Twitter, and our blog! We want to know what YOU think we can do to improve YOUR experience. We also appreciate all the kind words, and have many more fun ideas for contests and giveaways coming in the near future.

On behalf of Lemon Tree; we hope the warmth is here to stay, and we hope to see you at the store soon!

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  1. We're really excited about all the new things to come, and we hope everyone else is too!