Friday, March 4, 2011

Sean Minor Event is a Success!

So, I'm betting you're wondering what this blog is about? Of course it's covering the wonderful Sean Minor event we had last night at the Lemon Tree. We can't say it enough; thank you to everyone that came out, and for whomever missed it; we want to do more events like this one.

The most important factor about this event, as always, is bringing great people together to eat delectable food, and drink even more amazing wine. I know we go on about this all the time, yet we couldn't do any of this without you, our fabulous staff, and a bit of sanity ( yes just a bit).

Sean Minor was an excellent host and educated us all (thank gosh) on how to appreciate wine. Next, we have the chefs who prepared the succulent six-course meal we undoubtedly feasted on. Finally, the servers that presented our wine and food did a fabulous job as well.

So, let's stop all the chatter, and take a look at the awesome pictures taken last night by Nancy Dunlop. We want to thank you Nancy. The pictures truly capture the essence of the evening.

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