Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Zest...The New Lemon Tree Grocer Cafe!

So, who attended the lovely festivities and unveiling of Lemon Tree Grocer's new cafe: Zest on Saturday? Well, if you weren't there for all of the excitement you must be sure to visit sometime soon. The cafe expansion, new menu, fabulous entertainment, and a long list of specialty beeers you must try are on the horizon.

With over 700 entries to choose from we definitely had our hands full, yet Zest stood out among all. We then had 26 people who chose Zest as a name, so we had a drawing to pick the winner and....:Scott Collis was the winner winner chicken dinner!

We do want to thank everyone who participated, and obviously great minds think alike (reason why there were so many Zest entries). We couldn't have chosen the name without all of you, and are so excited for the many more events, LIVE performances, and fun evenings Zest will have!

So, who wants to see some pictures of this event? Say Zest!!!!

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