Friday, July 15, 2011

Congrats to Lemon Tree Grocer's Local Business of the Month: Gabby's Gifts!

So, each month we promote a different local business of the month, and we are proud to announce this months is Gabby's Gifts! Congrats!!

Gabby's Gifts is an amazing gift store that was voted Favorite Shop in the West Suburban Living Magazine 2010/11- Honorable Mention! Well, that must mean they have some really amazing gifts..let's take a peak!

They have everything from "limited" flexible Vapur Anti-Bottles to owl pillows. If you're looking for an Endless Fun Pocket Mirror, or even a Too-Late watch; Gabby's Gifts has it! If you aren't in the neighborhood, and you're really yearning for that owl pillow: you can even purchase it online!

So, now that we've given you a mini-tour of Gabby's Gifts, we'll leave it up to you to go back to the items that had your heart racing!

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