Friday, July 8, 2011

Lemon Tree Grocer's Newest Charity: American Cancer Society!

So, Lemon Tree Grocer is welcoming the month of July in; which hopefully means a lot more sun annnnnnnnd a new charity we're giving our hard earned To-Go tips to: American Cancer Society!

As we bring in the American Cancer Society we would like to thank Evan's Life Foundation (which helps at-risk youth)! We raised $550 for them, and we hope to continuously raise more money for each charity as we venture forward on this amazing journey!

How do we pick our charities you ask? Well it's simple: Deanna came up with this fabulous idea, so she went first. Then we'll go through the entire Lemon Tree staff, Zest staff, etc. Who knows- Linkmaybe we'll even have a contest for our Lemon Tree fans to choose a charity in the long run!

Until then, just know every time you show appreciation at the To-Go counter this month American Cancer Society will benefit! We'll be sure to keep you posted on the charities to come at the Lemon Tree Grocer!

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